Viral Visuals workshop

Viral Visuals – Creating Engaging Photos and Videos

It was a joy to co-host a workshop on ‘Viral Visuals – Creating Engaging Photos and Videos’ with Simon Medri of Catholic Mission as part of the 2018 Australian Catholic Communications Congress held recently in Brisbane. For those of you who took part in the workshop, and want to be ‘reminded’ of the contents, I’ve posted the photos shown throughout the workshop (in order that they were discussed), following the general themes/ pointers listed below.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss anything further, please don’t hesitate to email me or call me on 0407 879 991.

Photographs by Fiona Basile


* We’re ‘painting with light’
* I often photograph at dawn and dusk when the light is softer / I avoid photographing in direct sunlight
* Find your light source – verandahs, windows, doorways are a great spot!
* Rule of thirds (the photo divided into three horizontally and vertically, with features placed along the lines, or where the lines intersect)
* Find patterns or converging lines
* Give space to anything that’s ‘walking into’ or ‘looking into’ the photo.
* Frame Within a Frame
* Makes you want to study it – what’s going on in the picture?
* Look more closely
* Interesting subject
* Mood/ expression in the photo
* Can be a matter of luck, patience, or knowing when to capture the photo
– Head and shoulders – two thirds
– Whole body – don’t chop off legs/ hands
– Body side on, and face toward the camera (create angle/ dynamic)
– Lighting:  windows, verandahs, doorways
– Check what’s in the background (no antennas coming out of the head)
K.I.S. – Keep it simple

SUMMARY: When I arrive on a Photo shoot, I run through my own checklist:

* Where’s the light?
* What am I trying to convey in the photo?
* Where is it going to end up? WHAT’S ITS PURPOSE?
* Composition – how am I going to frame the person, or subject?
* If photographing a portrait, check the background (no antennas!)
* Keep it simple

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