Purchasing Photos and Permissions

Fiona Basile is the copyright holder to all photographs featured on www.fionabasile.com and its galleries.

Fiona is happy to sell photographs to those who would like them for personal use and enjoyment purposes, for editorial purposes or for commercial and promotional purposes.

A Fee Schedule and Conditions of Usage is provided below for your information.

Fiona asks that you reproduce the photograph/s faithfully, without any alterations to the original. If this is problematic due to design or space considerations, you may request an exception in writing by email.

If your photo request does not fall into one of the categories below, or you have any questions, please contact Fiona Basile.


For personal use and enjoyment only, where the digital file is not passed on to any third party and not published on any mediums other than home computer and/or for printing and use in the home: $40.

Please note: The digital file is provided in resolution suitable for printing up to 8 x 12″. To purchase a higher resolution file for larger printing purposes, the cost is $70.

Use of photograph/s in:

A book: Front cover – $250, Inside pages: $150

Editorial Publication front cover: $200

Within an editorial publication where distribution is less than 5,000: $100

Within an editorial publication where distribution is 5,000 and above: $200

Note: The photograph can be used online if the same publication has an online version.

For corporate collateral including bulletin, program, newsletter, flyer, website and associated social media: $100 per photo

Please note: a subtle watermarked version of the photograph/s will be provided for use on social media platforms to ensure the photograph is protected.

Course Materials and Presentations (such Power Point or other media that will be used on an ongoing basis): $100



In purchasing any photograph/s by Fiona Basile, the purchaser agrees:

(i) No alteration will be made in the photograph without prior written permission from Fiona Basile.

(ii) The rights granted herein apply only for use for the specific purpose for which the applicant clearly outlines in the application email.

(iii) Whenever using the photographs in a commercial or editorial setting, the photographer must be credited. It is sufficient to have under, aside or near the photo: (C) Fiona BasileĀ  or Photo courtesy Fiona Basile or Photo by Fiona Basile.

(iv) Permission granted herein is non-exclusive and non-transferable.

(v) Permission is granted for world English rights only.

(vi) The applicant agrees to pay Fiona Basile the appropriate sum for the photograph as outlined in the Schedule of Fees above within 7 days of receiving the digital photo file.

(vii) This permission will terminate automatically if the work is not published within two years of the date of this agreement, or if the work remains out of print for six months or more when published.

(viii) The permission(s) in this agreement are granted upon the terms outlined above.

In purchasing and/or using any of Fiona Basile’s photographs you acknowledge agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Fiona Basile.