Pipi e Patate

Chef Naz Cugliari of Il Forno Restaurant, Hampton, shares one of his favourite side dishes, ‘Pipi e Patate’, with Fiona. This is a traditional Calabrian side dish, perfect with crusty bread, or with meat, which Naz has been enjoying since he was a young boy. Super easy and delicious, this is a colourful addition to any meal!

Olive oil
3 x Red capsicums, diced into large pieces (can use yellow/green capsicum)
3 Desiree potatoes, diced in large pieces
Can of crushed, peeled tomatoes (if you don’t have homemade tomatoes)
Pancetta or bacon, chopped (this is optional)
Bunch of basil
Salt and pepper, to season

1. Heat olive in a large frying pan, or wok (large enough to hold all of the ingredients)
2. When hot, add the potatoes and capsicums and fry until golden brown and caramelised. Toss them in the pan so that the oil coats the peppers and potatoes.
3. Add the pancetta, fry for a bit and then put a lid on the pan to help it cook through. Stir regularly!
4. Once everything is nicely caramelised, add the crushed tomatoes (about 2 medium tomatoes)
5. Add the fresh basil
6. Add salt and pepper, and toss in the pan well.
7. Keep cooking until it’s all nicely browned, and soft.
8. Serve with fresh crunchy bread and meat, or on it’s own!

Dish with fried peppers and potatoes

Pipi e Patate ready to eat!

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