Finding hope in the midst of life: zoom gathering

Watching the news can be really difficult at the moment – particularly with the tragic events going on in Afghanistan, the earthquake in Haiti, and the natural disasters occurring across Greece, Italy, Turkey and Belgium, to name a few. Add to this the impact of COVID and lockdowns on our lives, particularly among those most vulnerable within our local communities. With this in mind, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to focus on who or what inspires hope in me as part of the ‘Hope In the Midst of Our Lives’ conference taking place (for free) online tomorrow afternoon, 22 August 2021, from 2pm-5.30pm, with thanks to the Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia. [Find out more and book your place | Download Program]

Together with two other young, inspiring people in the afternoon session (from 2pm-3pm), we’ll be speaking on the topic: ‘Who gives me hope?’

Given my work as a photographer and writer, particularly in the stories I cover for Melbourne Catholic, I have the great privilege and joy of capturing the stories of so many inspiring and hope-filled people among us. I’ve chosen to hone in on the topic: ‘Finding hope in the stories around us’ focussing on some of those people who’ve really touched my heart, including:

Katrina Mynard, a Deaf interpreter for the Deaf community

Angela Reid rsm, Earth and human rights activist

The Missionary Sisters of Service: On mission in the world together

Highways and Byways — A Community of Service

Karen Jebb, Principal of Emmaus College: a school that sings

A young family finding hope and love in a time of COVID

Sherry Balcombe: Church embracing Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

As I mentioned, the gathering is free, it’s on a Sunday afternoon (22 August), so perhaps it’s something you can do while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, or relaxing in the sun. I hear it’s going to be 20 degrees in Melbourne, Victoria! And whether you tune in for parts of the gathering, or all of it, I’m sure it’ll serve as a wonderful reminder that there is indeed much goodness out there, and that there are amazing people all around sewing seeds of hope, love and inspiration. I know I need this at the moment!

For more information about the zoom gathering on Sunday 22 August, 2pm-5.30pm, contact Lorraine or call 0419 687 593.

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