Fettuccine Carbonara

The following quantities serve 3 people, so if there’s more eating, double or triple the quantities! And this recipe is based on the fettuccine/ pasta already being prepared, fresh, or out of the bag! This is for ‘the sauce’.

4 egg yolks
300g guanciale, speck, Kaiserfleisch Bacon … or just ‘normal’ bacon, diced into small pieces
Parmesan cheese (a lot!)
Bunch of parsley
Salt and pepper, to season

1. Put a pot of salted water on to boil.
2. Place the four egg yolks into a bowl, whisk and set aside.
3. When the pot is boiling, put your fettuccine in!
4. Put a dash of olive oil in a large frying pan (you don’t need much as the bacon produces its own oil when cooking. It’s also quite salty, so be mindful of this when seasoning).
5. When the olive oil is hot, put the bacon in and fry until nice and brown. 6. Put a little bit of the water from the pasta pot into the frying pan with the bacon and let that sizzle away.
7. When the fettuccine/spaghetti (or whatever pasta you’ve chosen) has cooked, using tongs, place the fettuccine inside the large frying pan with bacon. The fettuccine will take on all of those delicious bacon flavours.
(An alternate option is to strain the fettuccine and then place it all into the frying pan – whatever works and is easy for you!)
8. Mix this through in the frying pan, and then pour the mixture into the large bowl with the eggs.
9. Add parsley and mix this all through quickly.
10. Season with salt and pepper (I use more pepper than salt, as it can already be quite salty from the bacon).
11. Serve covered in Parmesan cheese!

There are a few ‘tweaks’ to the Carbonara process depending on whose Nonna taught who! When Naz isn’t around, I strain the fettuccine and then place it into the frying pan with the cooked bacon (heat is off). I also put the egg yolk mixture straight into the frying pan with the fettuccine and do all of the mixing in the pan – with the parsley, salt and pepper, and parmesan. When it’s dished up, I add more Parmesan!
Some people use whole eggs, too … but Naz has since converted me to just egg yolks. If you find the ‘sauce’ a little dry, or you love eggs, just use more egg yolks! This is the beauty of carbonara, it’s easy, delicious, and can be tweaked to taste!

Bowl of fresh fettuccine with carbonara sauce and parmesan cheese on top

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