Delighting in nature with God

This reflection forms part of Ignatian Spirituality’s #31DayswithIgnatius series, which is taking part throughout July 2020 in the lead up to the Feast Day of St Ignatius of Loyola on 31 July.

I am playing with God. I don’t mean that in a frivolous, joking way, but rather, a childish, playful way, in that I am delighting in God’s creation, in the natural beauty that surrounds me, right where I am. I have risen early to walk up to a nearby beach. Thankfully during our time of COVID-19 isolation, we’ve been allowed to leave our homes for the purpose of exercise.

As I walk along the shoreline and sunrise unfolds, my eyes delight in the changing light—from the dark blue and grey hues of dawn to shades of pink, purple, and gold. My ears delight in the sounds of the crashing waves onto the shoreline before me and onto the rocks, both near and far. The birds are flitting about in the nearby bushland. I hear their birdsong. During this time of COVID, walks in nature have become so much more precious to me. I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to the birds that nestle and fly by in my surrounds. I’ve been trying to discern the different bird calls and the variety of species, taking the time to appreciate them more deeply and to give thanks for their colorful and cheerful presence.

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