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Fresh felja pasta with cauliflower passata

Fresh Felja Pasta Ingredients 200g Plain flour ’00’Half cup waterHalf cauliflower250ml Passata sauceYou need knitting needles for this recipe, too! Felja Pasta Method Mix the flour and water together in a bowl until the consistency […]

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Fettuccine Carbonara

The following quantities serve 3 people, so if there’s more eating, double or triple the quantities! And this recipe is based on the fettuccine/ pasta already being prepared, fresh, or out of the bag! This […]

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Fresh Fettuccine Pasta

With Naz Cugliari, Chef and owner of Il Forno Restaurant, in Hampton, Victoria. PASTA DOUGH INGREDIENTSGeneral rule: 100g Plain Flour (’00’) and one medium egg per personIn this recipe, there is:300g Plain Flour ’00’3 medium […]

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The wonder and surprise of poetry

We gather around the table, young and old, Muslim and Christian, a wealth of experience and story waiting to be unearthed between us. There are eight of us, eager to share poetry and stories, words […]

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Sfinge – Zeppole

Whenever our extended families gather it doesn’t take long for the conversation to turn into a debate about the name and origins of ‘Sfinge’ and ‘Zeppole’. Depending on the Italian region and family tradition, Sfinge […]

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INGREDIENTS FOR RICE ‘BASE’500g arborio rice1 medium onion, chopped1lt chicken stock40g butter2 tablespoons olive oil4 tablespoons passata sauceHalf cup Parmesan cheese INGREDIENTS FOR FILLINGCup bolognese sauceHalf cup cooked peas2 boiled eggs, dicedHalf cup mozzarella cheese, […]

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Sweet potato & pumpkin gnocci with burnt butter & sage sauce

I have wonderful memories of making fresh gnocchi with my Nonna as a child, right into adulthood. This is a ‘modern version’ of the traditional potato gnocchi made by her, and makes wonderful use of […]

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Royal Humane Society of Australasia Bravery 2018 Awards

Congratulations to the eleven people of Victoria who were presented today with bravery awards of the Royal Humane Society of Australasia. The ceremony was held at Government House with the Governor of Victoria, the Hon. […]

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Rest in Peace Sisto Malaspina

Rest in peace Sisto Malaspina (29 June 1944 – 9 November 2018).  What a beautiful send off … a State Funeral held today (20 November 2018) at St Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne, led by […]

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Bridget O’Toole Honoured for Bravery

In a moving ceremony, surrounded by family and friends, Mrs Bridget O’Toole of Clyde North, Victoria, was awarded the Clarke Gold Medal for the most outstanding case of bravery considered during the year. Mrs O’Toole […]

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