About Fiona

Fiona Basile studied a double degree in Law and Arts majoring in Journalism at Deakin University. After completing her Arts/ Journalism degree, she worked as a Cadet Journalist at the Geelong Advertiser daily newspaper. She then moved to Melbourne to complete her law studies. During this time she also studied at the International College of Professional Photography, where she formalised her personal work into a passionate profession.

Fiona established her company Flair Photography in 1999, but she now works under her own name as a freelance photographer and writer. She also works part-time as a photojournalist for the Media and Communications Office of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

She is an Accredited Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and travels extensively, photographing people and places Рlocally, nationally and internationally. Photographic assignments have taken her to the United States, Italy, Bosnia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, England, Cook Islands, Fiji, South America, Sweden and Malawi. Closer to home she has explored Australia’s outback, coastal regions, cities and local culture.