A personal letter

She has brilliant green eyes and short brown hair.
You can see that her hair is turning grey but she doesn’t care.
She has a soft look and soft hands.
She is short and overweight.
She knows she shouldn’t eat so much, but food is her life – yesterday and today.
She isn’t with me now, but I can feel the smell from her kitchen.
I can the see the oven with food in it – pizza, lasagne, chicken, vegetables.
All with special herbs and spices that only she knows.

She loves her family. She thinks that the family is the most important thing in her life.
She loves to sing and read poems.
When I was young, she read many books for me before I went to sleep.
We played and talked together and listened to music on the radio.
I never thought she was old.
She isn’t with me now, but I know that she’s singing, playing and listening to the radio.
She talks with everyone and does what she can to help others. She has time for everyone.
She is kind and happy.

She is my 83-year-old grandmother. Her name is Giuseppina Curcio and was born in 1925 in Cassero, Sicily. She lives with her husband Salvatore in Melbourne, Australia.
We aren’t together now because I live in Sweden, but I feel her every day.
I can remember her stories and her voice.

And I shall meet her soon.

In memory of my Nonna Giuseppina Curcio, who died 7 years ago on this date, 4th July 2013. Her love, laughter and joy remain alive in my heart.

Ps. I wrote this ‘Personbeskrivning’ / Personal Letter on 13th September 2007, while living on Gotland, Sweden, attending the local ‘SFI – Swedish for Immigrants’ Course, with tutor, and now long-time friend, Marie Hedren among many others! This is the original copy, with corrections marked on the page – I’m sure they’re your corrections, Marie!! I also think I may have gotten Nonna’s age wrong at the time, but all of the sentiments remain as true today, as when I wrote them all those years ago.

Yes indeed, Nonna, we shall meet again. Ti voglio bene.

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